Reflections of the King Competition 2023       

All artists should have the chance to make their dream a reality through Reflections, dream it, believe it! 


 Reflections Of The King 2023

"The Spirit Lives On"

Contest Application---Rules & Regulations---The deadline for entry

Please read sign up sheet to make sure you understand



· Elvis related products being sold must be licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Please Read:

· A $70.00 entry fee is required to compete. No performer will be placed on the confirmed schedule until application and entry fee have been received. Canadian payments must made with an International Money Order, with "Payable in US Funds" stated on it ; and most importantly, to be drawn on an American Bank. Make payment payable to___Roberta Arnold Please have your entry fee and application in by August 1st.    We will need a short bio and picture.

· The artist will perform three songs each night. You can do a different era of Elvis each night. We asked that you please don't repeat songs...different songs for each night. Have a couple of alternate songs to sing as we will be setting up what you sing to avoid repeating of songs. The last song of the contest (2nd night) will be the "What If" Song.  Any song that Elvis didn't do. It can be any era or genre but sang in the styling of Elvis.

· You must provide your own background music: The format is flash drive   The flash drive must be labeled with your name. Please supply us with a different flashdrive for each set. You will be required to turn in your flash drive at Registration. They will be returned to you at the end of the event.
· Performance: To make the contest fair, we do not allow contestants to bring a band, backup singers, bodyguards, etc. If you have a special microphone you perform with to make your act more authentic, you can use this during your performance. Staff members will be there to help conduct the most professional show possible, give everyone an equal opportunity to win, and make the contest flow in an orderly manner.

· Water and Scarf Holder Provided: A staff member ( our own Charlie Hodge) will be available to give you water( which we provide), scarves or stuffed animals (you must provide your own ) during your performance. No other person is allowed on stage with the artist.

· Judges: Our goal is to have fair, impartial, tough, and knowledgeable judges who know how Elvis performed. Each judge will receive written instructions on how to judge this contest prior to the date of the contest.

· Judging: You are judged against Elvis, not the other artists. You will be judged on voice, costume related to era, movements, and showmanship.  All judges' sheets will be deposited in a secure location after each performance so judges cannot change their scores. The decision of the judges will be final and can not be contested. Our panel of judges will be visible to all contestants and the audience. All decisions by the judges are final. Note: We try to pick knowledgeable judges and fair and unbias judges and if we see that any judge is not doing her or his job fairly they will be disqualified and the competitors will be informed,

The entry fee is non-refundable for anyone that is a confirmed contestant. (No Exception) We reserve the right to reject an application. If this happens, your entry fee will be returned to you. If an artist has paid his fee and is unable to make it due to illness, the entry fee will be good for the following year.  After that a new entry fee will have to be paid and a new application submitted.  It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to provide round trip transportation, meals, and lodging for him and whomever will be traveling with him, in order to participate in the contest. Whoever wins the competition will not be eligible to compete for one year at Reflections. He/she may however showcase his/her talents in the next year's competition on a volunteer basis at the discretion of the owner/producer for the following year. 

Eligibility: Must be seventeen years of age to compete at Reflections of the King Competition.  Previous winners may also compete other than the newest winner who has to sit out a year before competing again.

Proper garments must be worn under jumpsuits and costumes. It could mean disqualification if modesty is not maintained.

The unbecoming conduct (harassment of another ETA, judge,staff member and or any of their family members) or excessive consumption of alcohol causing embarrassment in the tribute to Elvis Presley ) can lead to immediate disqualification from the contest or for prizes.  Any of these issues may be cause for exclusion from future Reflections of the King competitions.

By signing this document, I agree to the above provisions.

Also, upon signing the registration form, each contestant agrees that The Reflections of the King Organization reserves the right to use their likeness & voice in any promotional and/or audio/video reproduction as a result of their participation without remuneration paid to them for my performance (s) or appearance (s) without limit or exception. By signing this a contestant also agrees to honor the final decision of the judges and may not contest the results.


WITNESSED BY:_____________________________________DATE_____________

The Reflections Organization 2023 reserves the right to revoke any registration for any reason that we deem necessary to protect the integrity and image of Elvis Presley and for the competition.

Please send application along with a bio and picture to the following address:

Roberta Arnold

3665 Regan Rd. Cuba, N.Y. 14727

Make payment payable to: Roberta Arnold 

In Memo: Reflections 2023

 IF you have questions call or email:

PH# 716-968-3565  Email: [email protected]  

 Please include phone number and email address for us to contact you if necessary.

 Phone: _________________e-mail-___________________________

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