Reflections of the King Competition 2023       

All artists should have the chance to make their dream a reality through Reflections, dream it, believe it! 

Reflection's Schedule

ETA Schedule  ( Subject to change)

Venue: Moose Lodge #118  19 Clinton St. Westfield NY

Please keep watch for ny changes for Friday

Friday October 13th 2023

We will be at the Moose between 10a and 11a.  If anyone wants to stop by to help us set up you are welcome.  As soon as the sound is set up will be able to check in and do a sound check.   At this time you will draw your number for position. 1p is the official time but if you are here you can get through and have the rest of the afternoon to rest or check out the town.  Steve Hunt ETA & Art  will be handling the sound checks.  Make sure you have your discs or flash drives ready for them to check. 

Because we are for a charity we have to enforce our rules on extra people coming in free with the artists, judges and staff which means: Each artist and judge will receive on check-in, tickets for the contest for one guest for both nights. Additional tickets can be purchased for the pre-sale price for others in their party.  This applies to everyone unless they are a working part of our staff.

 1:00pm................ Sound checks start (The checks will start at 1:00pm or sooner and end at 3:00pm) 3:00pm..........Sound checks end.  Please leave your disc and or flash drives with us till after the first nights competition then you may pick up after the show. (If you are in town early we will be at the Moose around 10:00 am on Friday setting up for the contest.) Anyone wishing to join us may do so and as soon as things are set we will let you check in and do your sound check.  Special Note: For those artists coming in on Thursday there are allot of good restaurants around the lake. Both Hotels Webb's Travel Resort and the Chautauqua Suites offer places to eat. Also there is the Candy Factory at Webb's to check out. Along with our motel/hotels that have been blocked for everyone there are also a few smaller motels in the area around Westfield which a couple are listed on the contest page. Plus there are RV parks for camping.

  3:00pm....Doors open to public for the Moose Fish Fry.  They also offer a full menu.   Elvis fans may at that time purchase their tickets or pick up pre-ordered tickets and get their wrist bands. Seating for VIP's are reserved. General admission: first come first served. Basket raffle tickets and 50-50's and People's Choice available Friday and Saturday.  All proceeds from these ticket sales go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

     3:30p....Judges Meeting (mandatory)   

    4:00pm.... ETA Meeting with Bobbie & Judges.  At that time you will be introduced to your judges. If you have any questions or concerns please ask at this time. Any questions on sound Steve Hunt will handle.  If you can't make the meeting just let me know ahead of time.  This meeting is in case there are any changes that might come up.

    5:00pm...Contest begins   

There is a special room for all ETA's to get has a game area and lounge chairs.  Only the artists will be allowed in this room.  The Smoke Room at the Lodge.... is for membership only. Smoking outside of building only for non members.  We ask all artists to leave any valuables with a family member or friend during their performances.  Water will be provided for the artists only.  Please only take what you will drink.  There will be a few snacks such as crackers, chips and candy to munch on during the contest.

Friday Night After Party

Hosts: Steve and Art 

Drinks and snacks will be available through the Moose

 Saturday October 14th 2023


 Food and Drink available for purchase from the Moose Lodge.

    11:30 am....ETAs back at the venue

    12:00 pm..... Doors open for the public

    12:30 pm.......  Contest begins 

    5:00pm...Contests ends (approx.)


    5:30 pm..... Grand Champion, ETAs in Legends & Friends Show back at venue

    6:00pm.....Doors re-Open

    6:30pm......Grand Champion  Showcase

    After Showcase: Break....

    8:00pm......  Legends & Friends Show ( Any of the competitors that would like to participate please contact Bobbie  

     End time...  Awards Ceremony to Follow Legends and Friends                                        


 1st. Place $1000.00 + Prizes      2nd. Place $300.00

3rd. Place $200.00    

Other Awards

    "Reflections of the King"  Spirit Award  This award will be given to the tribute artist that best reflects the heart, soul, and spirit of Elvis during the two days of competition.  This award is given by Roy & Bobbie Arnold of the Reflection's Organization.

Best Vocals  This award is given to the ETA with the highest score in this categoryIt is determined by the total points from each judge in that category.

    People's Choice Award  The fans coming to the contest decide this one. We ask that you pay a dollar a vote this way you can vote as many times as you feel you can afford.  The artist with the most votes will receive part of the money and the title People's Choice. The remainder of the money will go to charity.

  What If Award The last song of the competition on Saturday will be any song the ETA's want to sing that Elvis didn't.  The artists will be judged on how they sing the song as if it were Elvis singing it. It can be a song from any era of music or genre.  We ask that you have fun with the song you choose and make it your own as Elvis did. 

          If you have any questions... please email Bobbie [email protected] or call 716-968-3565

We look forward to seeing each and every one.

Step into our World of Elvis!!!!

 God bless

Bobbie & The Reflections' Organization 


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